Call: 208-359-3137

Checkout Procedure

  1. You must vacate you unit by mid-night of the last day of the month, or you will be charged for the next months rent. Rent is always due to the end of the month regardless of when you check out. There is no prorated rent for the last month.
  2. Please remove all items from you unit and broom sweep the floor.
  3. The lock and 2 keys must be returned.
  4. Fill out your information on the "check-out envelope" where you want your deposit mailed. These envelopes can be found on the end of the building to your right as you go through the entry gate. For unit at alpine town location envelops can be found between door 811 and 812
  5. Insert the lock and 2 keys in the envelope and drop it in the black locked drop box that is in front of the office building. For alpine town units drop box is located between door 811 and 812
  6. Your deposit will be mailed within 30 days.
  7. If you have any questions call 208-359-3137. Thank you